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Imagine a world where your morning routine doesn't involve a battle against unwanted hair. A world where you can embrace the sun, the beach, or that spontaneous adventure without a second thought. Diolaze XL Laser Hair Removal can make that world a reality. Ditch the razor for good. Diolaze XL targets the hair follicle at its root, significantly reducing growth and offering lasting results, freeing you from the cycle of constant upkeep.

No more battling irritation and discomfort. Diolaze XL promotes smoother, healthier skin, free from the frustration of ingrown hairs. Enjoy convenient and effective treatments with Diolaze XL's large treatment spot size. Most patients see a significant reduction in hair growth after just a few sessions, with the potential for permanent hair removal in targeted areas.

Enjoy smooth, hair-free skin on your face, arms, legs, and more. Worried about pain? Diolaze XL features advanced cooling technology for a virtually painless experience!


Unlike traditional methods (waxing, shaving, bleaching or using depilatory creams), Diolaze laser hair removal impacts the root of the problem, rather than offering a temporary solution. Traditional methods will require treatment forever, while Diolaze only requires a few sessions. Most patients immediately notice a significant reduction in hair growth after a few sessions and eventually smooth and hair-free skin.


Laser hair removal or Diolaze is an advanced procedure that safely and gently eliminates unwanted hair. Diolaze has one of the largest treatment spot sizes, making treatments convenient and fast. The combination of efficacy, patient comfort and speed makes Diolaze the leader in laser hair removal.


During laser treatment, a diode laser beam passes through the skin towards hair follicles. The penetrating energy then heats up the root of the hair, which in turn prevents future hair growth.


Diolaze has a built in skin cooling surface which is one of the largest for all hair removal devices. This makes treatment more comfortable than other devices, with most patients noting that Diolaze is virtually painless.


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