Nothing a Little Tox & Filler Can’t Fix!

This is a summary of the exclusive membership program for our Neurotoxin and Filler membership. The program offers significant savings and exclusive benefits to its members.

  • Members can expect to save at least $2000 per year:
  • Neurotoxin treatment costs are reduced to $10/unit - a saving of $2/unit.
  • Members can save $100 on 1 syringe of fillers and $250 on 2 syringes.
  • Members are entitled to a free monthly laser hair removal treatment for a small area (see terms & conditions).

Membership only perks:

  • 20% off on Medical-Grade Skincare and exclusive treatment packages.
  • Members receive a welcome goodie bag filled with skincare samples and branded merchandise.
  • Members are also gifted either a Neocutis eye serum or an OBAGI lash growth serum on their birthday.
  • Membership also includes access to special promotions, member-only gatherings, and more.

The cost of membership is just $45 per month.

To join the program, select the "MEMBERS ONLY!" treatment options when booking an appointment.

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Let's break it down

Considering aesthetic treatments but worried about the cost? At Fresh Face, we offer a membership program designed to help you save money on the treatments you love. 

Do you receive:

  • Fillers (1-2 times a year): Cheeks, chin, lips (Reg. price: $1500 per session)
  • Botox (3-4 times a year): Forehead, 11 lines, crows feet (Reg. price: $480 per session)
  • Other Services: Laser hair removal, Morpheus8, microneedling, weight loss, chemical peels, non-surgical Radiesse butt lift and MORE

Here's how the Fresh Face Membership can save you BIG:

  • Filler Savings:
    • Standard syringe (regularly $1500) - Save $100 with membership ($1400)
    • Two syringes (regularly $3000) - Save $250 with membership ($2750)
  • Botox Savings: Reduced price per unit! ($10/unit for members vs. $12/unit regular price)
    • Let's say you typically need 40 units for forehead, 11s, and crows feet (reg. price: $480). As a member, you'd pay only $400! That's an $80 saving per treatment!

Membership Benefits Add Up to Even More Savings:

  • Free Monthly Laser Hair Removal (small area): A single session can cost upwards of $100!
  • 20% off Medical-Grade Skincare and exclusive treatment packages: Save hundreds on products and services throughout the year.
  • Welcome Goodie Bag and Birthday Gift: Free skincare samples, merchandise, and a birthday serum (Neocutis or OBAGI) - a value of over $100!
  • Exclusive Promotions and Member Events: Gain access to special offers and insider perks.

Total Membership Cost: Only $45 per month!


Is our membership right for you?

Let's do some girl math

Assume you get fillers twice a year (standard syringe each time) and Botox 4 times a year (40 units each). Here's the breakdown:

  • Without Membership: Fillers ($1500 x 2) + Botox ($480 x 4) = $5480 per year
  • With Membership: Fillers ($1400 x 2) + Botox ($400 x 4) + Membership ($45 x 12) = $4680 per year

Total Yearly Savings: $800! and MORE if you take advantage of all the perks. 😉

Plus, you get: Free laser treatment, discounts on products and services, a welcome bag, a birthday gift, and exclusive member perks!

Become a Fresh Face Member Today and Start Saving!

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