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If you're finding it challenging to reach your weight loss goals, it can affect your confidence and overall well-being. Everyday tasks might feel overwhelming, and you may feel discouraged by the lack of progress despite your efforts.

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At Fresh Face Bethesda, we have the expertise and capability to help you achieve your dream body. Our comprehensive weight loss counseling and prescription services, including the use of semaglutide, are designed to empower your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Achieve My Dream Body Bethesda


Personalized Weight Loss Plans

Tailored to your unique goals for lasting results.

Prescription Options

Safe and effective medications, including semaglutide.

Expert Guidance

Dedicated support from experienced professionals every step of the way.

Achieve My Dream Body Bethesda: Empower Your Weight Loss Journey

Comprehensive Support: Our expert team offers personalized guidance and prescription services to help you reach your weight loss goals safely and effectively.

Tailored Approach: Combining counseling and prescription options, including semaglutide, our plans are designed to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Lasting Results: With our focus on sustainable weight management, you can embrace a healthier lifestyle and enjoy long-term success.


Nurse practitioner is an independent licensed provider able to assess, diagnose and treat patients.

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